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Welcome to Apple ][ Games Currently there are 2,959 items in our Wiki.

Featured Game for November 2017

Lode Runner
Lode Runner

Lode Runner is a level platformmer maze game where you play a character who's only goal is to collect all the gold hidden through out the maze and open up a latter to climb to the next leve.. Also running around in the maze are three to five bad guys who's goal it is to stop you. Your character has a gun however, he can only dig holes with this gun. Similar to Apple Panic as you dig holes the bad guys will fall in, and also like Apple Panic after a few seconds the hole will begin to fill in.

Lode Runner

== Looking for the ASIMOV Incoming Folder Watch or ASIMOV Archive Uploads

June 10, 2017 - Lordy Lordy the Apple // is 40. Happy 40th Birthday Apple //

Apple ][ games is a wiki dedicated to old school 8 bit Apple ][ computers games. The Apple 2 series of computers dominated the American home computing market during the 1980's and early 1990's. From it's initial launch in 1977 to it's final manufacturing run, Apple computer sold millions of these machines. Practically every school in the country had an Apple 2 and it was the one with a ton of games, too.

A vast majority of the videos (except for the Castle Wolfenstein walk through which I did the first time I sat down with the video screen cap and AppleWin) you'll find on this site come from "Old Classic Retro Gaming" a YouTube user you should subscribe to. This is his channel: and "Retro games history museum" here's their channel

It wasn't until the Macintosh & Windows appeared on the market that the Apple 2 started to drop in popularity. Today, there's still thousands of Apple 2 computers out there in the wild and, on any given day, several can be found on eBay or Craigs List. There is still a very strong and thriving programming community and several great emulators available. Heck someone even created a video for the rock band Granddaddy using an Apple 2e

== January 2, 2016... Asimov archive up again... Spent a few hours remuxing the API code for the scripts to post back & froth only to find that the USER name that I had created to replace the one I had deleted a few months ago (I guess back in July) had a TYPO in it. Yeah.. so it's back up and running.

First new write up will be for the Wizard and the Princess since the kids have been playing this again.

== December 31, 2016... Asimov archive down again...

After upgrading Wikimedia (the software behind Apple II Games) the API broke. Then in a total stupid WTF did I do that I deleted the API user account used for posting. Basically I had over 80,000 spam accounts that have been created and trying to post crap on the site so I just said "delete from users where ID >1" well API user was #2 doh! Anyhow... Wikimedia has once again changed some of the API calls and I've got to spend some time redoing it. I'm writing this on a Chromebook so have no editing ability (that i know of)

So resolutions for 2017...

  • Write up and post at least one new game a week. If 4am can recrack three to 70 a week I can take the time to run & write up one a week.
  • Find a new power supply for the Apple IIe that died on me.
  • Find a new work space for the machine since my son moved a Wii to it's old location (once said computer died)
  • Use 4am's Passport to crack all the originals that I have.
  • Restart a userforum

Site Updates 2014-06-08 Woot Woot! We're Mobile now with our new Mobile Aware WikiMedia Skin. :) We're mobile now if you care to browse the web with your cell phone or table. Hopefully the site is looking better now with this update :)

== Holy Crap I've let this site go for the past year!!! AND so much has happened!!! == Two words... Gumball 4AM

== ASIMOV Archive Updates ==

2014-05-31 Having as much data as Asimov does it was a real temptation to slice & dice it and generate a few stats & charts. So what better thing to do on a beautiful sunny day in Cleveland than parse some data. Asimov Apple 2 Archive Stats Favorite chart out of this little project is the word cloud... CRACK

2014-05-30 Was able to carve out enough time to totally rewrite the Asimov archive watch. It is now based of FTP code rather than pulling & parsing the daily index. As such I have been able to parse the whole archive and get a historical view of all uploads... plus as new things come online they'll first show up in the incoming folder & incoming page (ASIMOV Incoming Folder Watch) and then when they're moved to the final path they'll show up here ASIMOV Archive Uploads

2014-05-26 (Last couple hours of memorial day) I've been able to rewrite the code to get past the firewall issue. Also have created a new ASIMOV Incoming Folder Watch page which doesn't have links to download but watches what is being uploading. Hope to have the old Asimov Update page back up ... but with a bit more detail in dates & without all the duplicates.

2014-05-25 Came to my attention today that outgoing connects from our server are being fire walled so Asimov updates haven't been updated since mid April. I'm working on a new solution now.

I've created a bot which will parse the ASIMOV archive index file and post any changes that it finds on this page ASIMOV Updates Currently the bot does it's magic every few hours and creates a section for each day. In this section will be the direct links to the new files that have been uploaded OR changed. The bot spotted a huge number of files on ASIMOV that had been changed. Looks like someone Gunzipped 800+ files.


Apple // in Javascript Awesome emulator done all in JavaScript with a bunch of games and other assorted images. Runs much better than the one on

cAndy Apple Attention: Do NOT download if you are not interested in 1985-era emulation.

An Apple //e emulator. Release 1.64 (Mar 7, 2012 5:07 AM)

Relive the early Eighties with a shiny Apple //e and a stack of diskettes! Attention: Do NOT download if you are not interested in 1985-era emulation. An Apple //e emulator. Release 1.65 Note: Soft keyboard for devices with no hardware keyboard. Draw an 'S' on the main screen for soft keyboard. Suggestions: For support, visit the cAndy Apple Users Group on Google Groups

cAndy Apple is an Apple 2e emulator for your Droid phone. Currently it's the best one in the Droid market place and uses the same source code as AppleWin does. It's been able to faithly emulate pretty much all DSKs that I've downloaded from Asimov including the Sierra graphic adventures which I've taken to playing again. One set of games that it has trouble with due to disk speed issues is the Ultima series. I've tried several times to build a character in Ultima 1 enhanced only to have it fail (Ultima that is) due to disk speed issues. I have the same problem with AppleWin with disk read access set to high. I was able to create a character disk on my PC and copy it over and have been playing since. Saving is another issue.... but if you're simply playing Hard Hat Mac or Sneakers then that won't really be an issue.

More info about cAndy apple can be found here. Load it onto your Droid device by going to Google Play & searching for Candy Apple or directly to


October 6,2016 :: AppleWin v1.26.0.5 has been released. New releases are now being tracked on GitHub (

If you simply want to download the executable files for Windows (note it works on Linux with Wine which I'm using) Visit to download the newest version.

If you're here, you are more than likely familiar with the Apple 2 computer. Apple hasn't produced this machine in over 20 years, but there is still a large user community supporting the machine. However, if the Apple 2 is all new to you and the only thing Apple has produced that you know of is an iPod, then check out the Apple 2 Emulators page. With one of these fine emulators you can bring the Apple 2 experience to your modern day machine.

From there, check out the games pages. See why some old-time gamers still think this was one of the best computers for gaming. I can play Apple Panic or Hard Hat Mack for a few days; yet can't play any of the new cutting edge 3d shooters for more than a few minutes without getting bored.


Apple 2 Sites