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Sierra Online Frogger screenshot.png

Name: Frogger
Programmer(s): Olaf Lubeck
Publisher: Sierra Online
Year: 1981

Description: This is the official "Apple Version" of the very popular arcade game Frogger. The game is a very week clone of the arcade version and has several "quirks" that drag game play down. The first and most annoying is the intro music that plays every time you start a new game. The second biggest drawback is the graphics which are a couple lines above simple squares and circles. I'll give Olaf Lubeck the benefit of the doubt here and say that it was RUSHED to market without much development time or QA. His other titles such as Cannonball Blitz and Jawbreaker are excellent examples of classic Apple 2 games. This looks like a job by a freelancer that Sierra Online hired over a weekend.

Check out Ribbit for a much better version of the game plus a back story of an indie developer/publisher vs. corporate game publisher.