Nightmare Gallery

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Name: Nightmare Gallery
Programmer(s): Ron Aldrich
Publisher: Synergistic
Year: 1982


Nightmare Gallery is a Centipede clone programmed by Ron Aldrich and published in 1982. Unlike Centipede which takes place in a mushroom garden Nightmare Gallery's battle field is a graveyard. The horror themed clone is filled with invading mummies, pumpkin heads, ghosts and ghouls.

The player is a disembodied rapid fire gun instead of being a snake that can shoot lasers.

Play on the game is controlled with the joystick and the player can only move left and right and fire, unlike centipede where the player can move up and down as well.

As the various monsters, invading your territory they drop tombstones instead of mushrooms. There are two very annoying monsters... One being an indestructible Mummy or Frankenstein like character... the other being what looks like a Bride of Frankenstein character. The Mummy more or less down like the grub does on centipede leaving a trail of tombstones. The player is unable to shoot this monster as he makes his way down. HOWEVER bullets passed through him and destroy the tombstones. The Bride of Frankenstein character moves along the XY access in the tombstone / mushroom field and drops what looks like the baby from Eraser-head. The baby's descent is extremely fast and if you don't get out of the way when you see the Bride of Frankenstein you will get hit. Again you cannot shoot this projectile as it is indestructible. The Bride of Frankenstein however is destructible and when that creates a special White tombstone.

Just as in centipede the pumpkin head's the same down from the top of the screen and move left and right. I'm like centipede they don't come down and one big chain they come down and random spurts from the top. When they had a tombstone they descend one level. If one of the pumpkin head's gets all the way down to the bottom game over. There is no way to move up there for the pumpkin collides with you.

Now the best part of this game is when the player dies. The first time I played this in about 30 years today candy apple emulator on my Android phone I have volume all the way up sitting in a restaurant... And when I died the game let out a blood-curdling 8-bit scream... Loud enough for half the restaurant to look over towards my table. Note to self when testing games for write ups turn the volume down.

DM 10/8/2016