Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego

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Name: Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego
Programmer(s): Dane Bigham
Publisher: Brøderbund Software
Year: 1985

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego Title Screen
Welcome to Kathmandu
Welcome to New Delhi
Welcome to Tokyo
Welcome to NYC. This isn't the only city that uses dollars dummy.
Welcome to Peking
Henchman pops up to see whats going on. You're hot on the trail
Welcome to Montreal
Thief running from the cops
Keystone cops in hot persuit
Thief caught
Theif Captured and in Jail

“Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?” You are an agent... A special agent... The type of agent that can hunt down super secret spies and solve crimes across the world… This is the the background to the game “Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?” for the Apple II Plus by Brøderbund Software.

You play an agent and are hunting for Carmen Sandiego and her gang, you are only given is a limited amount of time to solve the case. If you don't solve the case by the allotted amount of time you lose. You also lose if you accuse the wrong person of being the thief.

At the start of the game you enter your username agent name into an old Telex machine. You are told of the crime and given a limited amount of time in which to solve the case. You are then alerted to a crime that has happened somewhere in the world where something of “Great Value” has been taken (such as the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State Building or the Taj Mahal)... as an agent you first start off at the “Scene of the Crime”.

At the Scene of the Crime there are three locations where you need to investigate. Usually, they are a sports stadium of some sort, a library, and some sort of City Hall and/or Community Center. Each one of these location has a clue. Clues range from the simple, such as the thief had brown hair to something a little bit more complex, like the thief was looking for old information on Bobby Orr.

Clues can be entered into the computer to shorten the list of criminals/suspects. The computer is pretty simple in that it says favorite food, favorite sport, color of hair, and so forth.

If the clue is a location-based clue, you can head over to the airport and take off to where you think the thief might have headed.

A typical case takes between three to four trips to different cities around the world. If you're hot on the trail of the thief but not in the right city yet, you'll know because an instrument for Carmen Sandiego will pop out and look around.

When you arrive in a city where the thief is at, strange things will happen. A plant will fall out of a window near you… Was that a coincidence? Or did somebody intentionally throw that out the window at you? Who threw this knife at me? Was it an accident? These events mean that you are in the correct city to capture the thief.

When you believe you have all the clues and have whittled down the amount of suspects two 1 or 2, you can issue a warrant for arrest of the suspect. If you have guessed correctly then you have won and are promoted in rank! However, If you have guessed incorrectly you will be told so and demoted.

When Carmen Sandiego was originally released it was a pretty big hit in schools. There were many follow-up games including “Where in the U.S.A. is Carmen Sandiego?” “Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?”, and a few bootlegs like “Where in Muncie, Indiana is Carmen Sandiego?”

The game play board consists of a graphic picture of your location in the upper left, a heads up display printing out information in the right, and a computer to enter in your commands at the bottom.