Apple 2 Emulators

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Windows Emulators

AppleWin currently on version 1.13.1 Newest version also emulates the Uthernet which enables an Apple 2 to connect to the Internet. AppleWin also has emulation support for Apple 2 HardDrives of up to 32megs. Of all the emulators available for Windows AppleWin is the most advanced and simplest to use. One of the best features is the speed up option which allows users to run the Apple at double tripple or as fast as the Windows Machine will go speed :) No more long waits while Ultima I loads!


PalmApple only emulator for your PalmPilot OS 4.0 or better. A little flakie on a Zire 72 (which in and of itself is a little flakie) but interesting none the less. Works at the same speed as a real apple 1mgz.


Virtual ][ one of many emulators for the Mac. This emulator also has a dot matrix emulator which prints to a PDF!! Cool! So now I can print off 8foot Print Shop banners!