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Here are a couple of fun facts & charts I generated while developing the [ASIMOV Archive Uploads] archive script. The online index is great if you need to quickly search for a file, however, the FTP directories hold a plethora of statistical data... and being someone who deals with data I can't resist building a few queries and charts.

First some basic meta data about the archive. Currently there are 18,373 files (as of today May 31st 2014) and of these 32% are DSK files 20% are PDF files and another 20% are ZIP files. After that the tail drops quickly to 8.5% TXT files, 5.2% GZ, 3.5% nib and 2% PO files. Here's a chart of the data.


Asimov's oldest file is the dsk image of Dino Eggs which was uploaded on Febrary 23, 1995. The next oldest file, Planet Fall by Infocom, was uploaded on July 30, 1995. From there uploads stopped until the September of the following year... but uploading didn't take off until June 27 of 1998 when uploads sky rocketed to over 2299. This also marks the day that the most items were uploaded to the Asimov archive. The year with the most upload (so far) was 2010. However... the Asimov operators extracted all the GZ files to the native DSK files which might account for the spike. Anyhow.. here's a chart of the data.


No shocker here... but when I ran a word frequecy (ie: made a word cloud) based on only the /pub/apple_II/images/games/ sub directory (we are after all) most of the words that popped to the top were DISK, FRONT, BACK, SIDE and CRACK.

Word Frequency of Asimov Apple 2 Archive.png

Here's a chart of uploads per month... with this much data and a static (PNG) display things get messy quickly. Typically this is the first query & chart I run on any new project... it gives me an idea of what the distribution of data is and how clean everything is.