The Wizard and the Princess

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Name: The Wizard and the Princess
Programmer(s): Ken & Roberta Williams
Publisher: Sierra
Year: 1982


The Wizard & The Princess was the second in the Hi-Res Adventure series released by Sierra Online (Online Systems at the time of the release). Programmed by Ken Williams and Story Written by Roberta Willams The Wizard and the Princess was the follow up to Mystery House. The Wizard and the Princess introduced a new rendering/drawing engine that include color graphics. The scenes in the game are store as vector data and plotted out on the monitor. Once the outlines are plotted on the screen they are then flood filled with colors to finish up the image. This took a little bit of time and often got annoying if you were say lost in a desert and kept seeing the same rock with a scorpion behind it or the came cactus.

As is with almost all adventure games Wizard and the Princess was a single player game. Game play involved the user typing in two word commands, like "Get Lamp" or "Look House" to interact with the adventure world. This is simialr if not exact to the way a player would interact with older text adventures. Time and steps to solve this adventure took almost twice as long as it took to solve Mystery House and also had twice as many scenes. Most puzzles required the player to be able to pickup on clues mentioned while walking around the environment or navigate through a wall-less maze/ desert until you find the right ROCK to pickup. Yes... the biggest complaint I have about this game some 35+ years later is the damn desert that you walk around in for the first part of the game. Playing this with my children now I refer to the "walk through" to speed through it. Nothing loose the attention of a six & eight year old faster than showing the same picture of a rock in a desert that you CAN'T PICKUP BECAUSE OF A SCORPION STING... but I digress.

The Wizard and the Princess was also a foreshadow of the later point & click adventures that Sierra would start releasing a few years later especially King's Quest.