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Bring Us The Sword
Airheart encounters some baddies
The End

Name: Airheart
Programmer(s): Dan Gorlin
Publisher: Brøderbund Software
Year: 1986

Description: In this game, you play a "half bird-half man" who flys around in a tiny water speeder just above the water looking for a hidden sword. All action takes place at sea. The player first encounters two mysterious figures draped in robes and looking somewhat Jedi with a touch of Day-Glo. With their magic, they create the player and speeder, then demand that you go and find the sword. There is no land in Airheart, aside from some tiny buoys where you encounter various mechanical creatures that are guarding the sword. To get to the sword from the starting place, the player must pop one of the bubbles that comes out of the buoys and follow the star as it races across the screen. The star will the hit another buoy, thereby releasing the guards who, though their various powers, try and stop Airheart from climbing down into the buoy. Shooting the baddies turns them into harmless blocks which you must then pick up before they turn back. Each of the buoys has two guards. Once both have been shot and picked up, Airheart must bump up against the buoy. From there he'll strap on his back pack and jump into the hole in the middle of the buoy. Then it's back into the speeder and off to another bouy.

Airheart was one of the first games that used double hires of the Apple 2c, thus making it impossible to run on the Apple 2+. Airheart was programmed by Dan Gorlin, who also programmed Choplifter.