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January 2008
Boulder Dash Welcome
Bit of Level N with Lots of Diamonds
More of Level N this time down at the bottom with the Butter flies
Dead... Caught by butterflies

Name: Boulder Dash
Programmer(s): Chris Grey & Peter Liepa
Publisher: First Star
Year: 1983

Description: Boulder Dash is a puzzle/maze/action game with elements of Dig Dug and Pac-Man. Played on an island of dirt the goal of the game is simple. Collect as many diamonds as you can and escape without getting killed by falling rocks or the various enemies running around tunnels.

The dirt maze which all action takes place isn't entirely visible also making Boulder Dash a side scroller game. To escape out the door you must collect a set number of diamonds before the door opens. Doing this isn't so simple.Gravity also plays a big factor in achieving your goal. Along with the diamonds, there are Boulders... which is where the game gets its name. Many times to get to a diamond you must move, drop or destroy a boulder or set off a trap which will drop dozens of boulders down on top of you if you're not fast enough to get out of the way.

You're given 3 men during the game. There are many different levels to Boulder Dash starting off with the almost simplistic ones moving up to the down right impossible ones.

Personally one of my favorite games on the Apple 2. It's been ported over to many different systems including cell phones and now I'm finding it on my Amazon Fire TV :) Sure it's not the same one but the music is dead on...

8/16/2015 Found a full play through of Boulder Dash (first version). It's on a C-65 but the game levels are identical.

Complete Boulder Dash Walk Through

Video by [[1]]

And why not.. here's a complete play through of Boulder Dash ][ from the same guys

Complete Boulder Dash ][ Walk Through