Cannonball Blitz

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Cannonball Blitz welcome screen
Level 1
Level 2

Name: Cannonball Blitz
Programmer(s): Olaf Lubeck
Publisher: Sierra On-Line
Year: 1982


A clone of Donkey Kong, Sierra Online's Cannonball Blitz featured three levels which the player must climb to the top and topple a tin soldier. On the first level the player climbs' platforms that are tilted, jumping over cannon balls & grabbing a balloon for a quick ride to the top. On level two the object is to remove the pins holding the platforms in place. Once finished the tin soldier & the platforms fall. The player must avoid cannons which are moving around on the platforms. Level three is an elevator level and the player must maneuver his way top and use the balloon to reach the final platform. Once finished levels then repeat only with more cannonballs & firing cannons.