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Choplifter welcome & copyright screen
Under attack by tanks & plane
returning safely to base

Name: Choplifter

Programmer: Dan Gorlin
Publisher: Brøderbund Software
Year: 1982
Description: Choplifter is a game that reflects the geopolitical events of it's time. Released in 1982, a year after the end of the Iranian Hostage Crisis and failed resuce attempt, Choplifter's game play centered around the rescuing the hostages. In the game, the player pilots a helicopter from an American base, flying it out over the desert. In the desert there are four houses, each holding 16 hostages. There are also tanks, airplanes and smart bombs all trying to take down the player's helicopter.

The player must first bomb the blue houses, thereby allowing the hostages to escape. Then the player must land the helicopter face forward to allow the hostages to enter; all the while avoiding other enemy tanks and planes. Once the helicopter is full (16 hostages) or there are no more hostages to be saved (hostages can be killed by tanks, friendly fire from player, or accidentally being crushed as the helicopter lands), the player must return to the base and drop off the hostages.

Interview with Dan Gorlin September