Cranston Manor

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Game Start

Name: Cranston Manor
Programmer(s): Ken Williams & Harold DeWitz
Publisher: On-Line
Year: 1981


Cranston Manor is Online System's (later Sierra Online) 3rd Hi-Res adventure. The object of this adventure is to find all the hidden treasures in an abandoned and haunted house. Like the other HiRes adventures the game is split into two views. A graphic or HiRes picture of the "room" the player is current in and a text command area where the player keys in simple two word phrases like "Get Lamp" or "Drop Mouse". Movement is done by simply typing in directions such as North, South, East, West or short version N,S,E,W,U,D.

Cranson Manor is filled with puzzles and a couple mazes for the player to solve. Most require finding an object in one room and bringing it to another location and combining it with another object.