Gruds in Space

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Gruds in Space welcome screen
Supply depot on Saturn
Teleport Window
Original Ad slick from

Name: Gruds in Space
Programmer(s): Chuck Summerville & Joseph Dudar
Publisher: Sirius Software
Year: 1983

Description: First off... one word... Orbs... orbs of all colors. They're everywhere in Gruds in Space. You're quest seems to be to collect all the orbs!

In Gruds in Space you play a space captain who's goal is to get fuel to a ship on Pluto and then pick up a reward of $1,000,000! During your quest you will encounter Gruds and Alien race who populate Saturn. Your ship will get you from planet to planet and your teleport door will get to from ship to planet instantally.

30 Minute Walk Through

Gruds in Space is an adventure which follows in a long line of adventures which use the "GO NORTH" simple phrases as action. Nothing to complex. Pick up Orb. Place Orb In Red Socket. Give Coin. etc.

At the heart of the game was a weird quirkness that other adventures didn't seem to have. This is one of five adventures that Sirius software put out and also the last before the companies untimly demise.

Walk Through:

Here's the original advertisment as I remember it. This one comes from an Atari site.. :) December 2007