Lunar Leepers

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Name: Lunar Leepers
Programmer(s): Chuck "Chuckles" Bueche
Publisher: Sierra On-Line
Year: 1981


Lunar Leepers is a side scroller in the vain of Defender. The object of the game is to fly your UFO around the screen and pick up humans walking at the bottom. Once you've picked a human up you must take them back to your home base. Unlike Defender where baddies all fly, the Leepers crawl across the bottom of the game playing screen crouched ready to leap when your ship comes in range. Should they get your ship the leeper will munch on it for awhile. You're ship also has a limited amount of fuel and must refuel every so often and your home base.

Chuckles also programmed/wrote Jawbreaker, Jawbreaker II for Sierra On-Line and then went to work for Lord British's Origin Games who published 2400 A.D., Autoduel, Caverns of Callisto and other titles.