Night Mission Pinball

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Night Mission Pinball

Name: Night Mission Pinball
Programmer(s): Bruce Artwick
Publisher: Sublogic
Year: 1982


Night Mission Pinball was one of the early pinball games for the Apple 2. Released by Sub Logic, shortly after Bill Budge's Raster Blaster and Broderbund's David's Midnight Magic, Night Mission had superior graphics, sound and pinball options, but not marketing muscle.

Night Mission Pinball table artwork & sound are styled after a World War II B-24 bomber. Ambient plane engine noise is heard though out the time the ball is in play. Bumpers have the sound of dropping bombs, flippers make the sound of machine guns.

Gravity on the table is pretty accurate to a real table, but the speed of the ball sometimes seems super sonic and very hard to follow. Night Mission Pinball allows for play for one to four players. Night Mission Pinball also had a great TILT button to give your ball an little extra umph when needed... too much tilt and it's dead ball.

Personally I can remember seeing this on the shelf at North Coast Computers next to other titles with flashier packaging, but after playing a demo copy at the store I dropped my allowance (also bought Serpentine) and played this for months!!!