Sargon II

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Sargon One.jpg

Name: Sargon II
Programmer(s): Dan & Kathe Spracklen
Publisher: Hayden
Year: 1979


Sargon II is a fun challenging chess game!it has unique commands and is for chess masters of all ages. All chess (1 King 1 Queen 2 Bishops 2 Knights 2 Castles and finally 8 Pawns ) black and white board as always. -Pixelmon (6/27/2015 age 7)

Sargon II allows players to play white or black against a computer opponent of varying degrees of skill. My seven year old son plays on the lowest level but has yet to win a game. Sargon IIs user input leaves a lot to be desired if you've played any computer chess games with mouse input. It uses board cordinates to move the pieces around just as true chess afficinadios would. Check out the chess section of the next New York Times. Sargon has given me a better understanding of whats going on in this section. One neat feature is that players can set up a board already in play. So you can take a play from the NYT chess section and see how Sargon can handle it.

Having played several dozen times on level 0 I have only one once.