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Serpentine's Title Screen
Three orange(longer) snakes
One Green (Shorter) snake and a frog

Name: Serpentine
Programmer(s): David Snider
Publisher: Brøderbund Software
Year: 1982

Description: Serpentine is a maze game in which the player controls a blue serpentine. The object of the game is to move your serpentinearound the maze and eat the tails of three other orange snakes, while not getting eaten yourself. The blue & orange snakes are broken down into segments. If the player's blue snake has more segments than an orange serpentine than the orange snake turns green. This means that the blue snake can then eat the green serpentine head one without having to eat the serpentine tail. Adding to the game are eggs. Every so often both the blue serpentine & orange serpents(and green too I guess but I can't remember seeing it happen) lay eggs. This causes a segment of the snake to drop & brings out the a frog. The frogs only goal is to eat the serpentine. If either orange or blue serpentine eat the egg or the frog the number of segments that serpentine has will increase by one.

Game play is very quick and very addictive and tough to master. Luckly there's a cheat embedded in the game which will give you extra snakes. Press <ESC> ! $ will do the trick. I've programmed cAndy Apple on my Droid to do this with a signle click.

Also a side note there is a GREAT remake of Serpentine done by SpoonBill software ( The remake includes all orignal levels and was programmed to be identical to the original Apple II version. It also has Easy, Medium & Hard level selection plus a level designer to let you create your own levels. The remake is free and runs on Windows systems.