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Name: Swashbuckler
Programmer(s): Paul Stephenson
Publisher: Datamost
Year: 1981


Swashbucklers a sword fighting game the pits the player against two enemies on the left and the right screen. Using only for simple keys on the keyboard the user must battle I'm coming Pirates cavemen Knights In not so shining armor Samurais spiders snakes rats and other enemies as they approach closer and closer to the middle of the screen where the player is. This game was a precursor to another game a few years later called Aztec. Swashbuckler starts off easy enough where you have to battle a caveman and a pirate with one leg on either side of you and the occasional snake that will pop up. As a player wins sword fights, the scenes in the background change. To start off with you in the belly of a ship. As a player gets more kills the background changes to the cannon room,. Finally the last scene is on the deck this is where the hardest enemies are.

Gameplay is used with just six keys A & D to move left & right and S to switch the direction the player is facing. Movement of the sword/fighting is done with the and I K & M key and thrusting is done with the L key. Movement is fairly smooth for games at the time but a little slow, especially when there are two enemies on the screen a a cobra starts coming out after you.

Swashbuckler is one of the first games that has the basic feel of a street fighter type game. The graphics were some of the best of the time for any game. The characters were very large compared to the few pixels that other characters had. Was also one of the first that seems like a street fighter type game although this single player game place the player in the Middle with two opponents at a time versus one component on the left and one upon another right.

Swashbuckler was also a precursor for a later game called Aztec which was in the theme of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Maybe that'll be a game of the month sometime in the future.

One quirky thing about this game is that the score has room for 5 digits... However and you can see this in the video above, once you reach 255 kills the score goes back to zero... So the first two zeros in the score actually do nothing.

File:Swashbuckler and Caveman.png